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​This survey is to carry out survey the level of dilapidation of the adjoining properties, prior to the commencement of construction activities. Pre-Construction Condition Survey is also carried out to assess the level of dilapidation of a building/property after the expiry of a tenancy period. 

A Pre-Construction Condition Survey report serves as a record of the state of dilapidation of the tenanted building, which the tenants are obligated to repair the building back to the state when the building was first handed over to them.K&P COVE CONSULTANCY act on behalf of the landlord or tenant to provide professional advice in respect of disrepair schedule of claim.



Building Condition Assessment (BCA) is the detail inspection, examining, testing, review and report on state of structure and system. This type of assessment usually focuses on commercial building, apartment and condominium.

BCA is the process of examining:

a)Inspection of entire building finishes, architectural damages, fitting and appliance; b)Inspection and functional test for infrastructure; c)Inspection and functional test for mechanical & electrical system, fittings and appliances.

Based on the assessment, BCA provider will come out a report including: ​ a)Details types of defect and the location of defect occur in the building; b)Identification of serious defect for architecture, M&E and infrastructure; c)Identification of deficiencies in the components; d)Expected cost of repair those defects and deficiencies.


Most building contractors will only carried out defect rectification works on an ad-hoc basis, without understanding the nature of the defects. K&P COVE CONSULTANCY building surveyors are well-trained in diagnosing building defects and identifying the root cause of the problem.

We collet data and photos of defect to provide a comprehensive assessment and diagnostic on the specific building defect and issue. The investigation includes destructive and non-destructive analysis on the building elements to seek the causes of the particular defect. The nature of the inspection also provided with complete guidance on the proper remedial works for the defects and advice the estimated cost involved. Our services also may be extended with involving legal proceedings as per client requirements.

dd inspection


Due Diligence or Pre-acquisition advice is often requested by a potential buyer or tenant prior to their decision to purchase or rent a property. A wrong estimation by a layman on the degree of remedial works required, ignorance on the potential problem and operation cost could easily lead to a wrong investment and financial loss.

Our advices include the following:

  • Method of construction of the building;
  • Potential problems of the building, health and safety hazard;
  • Existing defects in the building and rectification works required
  • Items that required periodical maintenance and replacement
  • How to utilize the building for maximum performance and minimum operation cost.
  • Checking the actual building area, net rentable area compared to as-built

K&P COVE CONSULTANCY offers our client to assess the condition of the building, in particular, the structure, fabrics and components, finishes, services and safety requirements. Surveys are a kind of ‘health check’ for buildings by a building doctor. If you’re buying a property, you should have an inspection done by a Professional before you enter into a contract – or before making an offer. This can actually save your money. If there are serious building problems, you can often re-negotiate the sale price of the building / property to reflect the cost of necessary repairs – or you may even decide to look for other worthy property to buy/rent for. There may be hidden building problems in the property that would cost a huge amount to put right – and they won’t appear in the valuation report. Yet, we do provide our clients overall picture in view of the general condition and situation he might be facing in the future.


Mechanical and electrical (M&E) system inspection include the inspection on mechanical system and electrical system. The electrical services, air conditioning & mechanical ventilation services, cold & hot water distribution and sanitary plumbing services, fire protection services, lift services, natural gas services and building automation system are under our scope of work.

M&E Inspection is to ensure the system are well maintained and always in good condition to allow them to achieve maximum efficiency. Periodic mechanical and electrical system reviews ensure compliance with health and safety standards.

In general, the inspection shall has cover the review on:

  1. As-built drawings for relevant M&E services in relation to approved plan and corresponding installation at site;
  2. Operation and maintenance manual to ascertain that proper and regular maintenance to plant and equipment are being carried out in accordance to schedule and with good records
  3. Relevant authority certificates pertaining to building occupancy;
  4. Record for any rectification work.
  5. Relevant M&E preliminary study report.


Quality Assessment System (QLASSIC) is a continuous and complicated process commencing from the design, contractor selection, construction process, quality inspection and defect inspection. We provide services as an independent assessor and consultant throughout the process to assist your consultant team to minimize the ineffective works and defects in the future.

The Audit Team will act as an independent auditor to monitor and assist your consultant team to ensure that the QUALITY ISSUES NEVER FAILED. The audit commences from the earthwork, building structural works, M&E installation and Architectural Finishing works. Moreover, we will also highlight the potential quality issues. As we believe preventive is always better than corrective.

Furthermore, we are also the Independent consultant who provides the Independent Pre-QLASSIC / CONQUAS Assessment for developers and contractors. QLASSIC is an independent assessment system that implemented by CIDB Malaysia to evaluate the quality of building works. A QLASSIC score and certificate will be generated to represent the quality of works for a project. Nowadays, QLASSIC Score is no longer merely a scoring system to benchmark the quality of project but to evaluate the performance of a contractor as well as a marketing tool to give assurance to the house buyers.


The purpose of instrumentation and monitoring is to provide data to evaluate whether the instrument is performing as expected, evaluate whether construction and/or operations are impacting stability. We provide professional services which include installing, monitoring and maintaining instrumentation during the construction and implementation phases of a project.

Specifically, this scope includes a description of the proposed instrumentation to be installed, recommended procedures for instrument installation, requirements of instrument operation, data collection, and instrument maintenance and recommendations on data management and analysis.

We deploy state-of-the-art equipment and technologies, use test methods that efficient and accurate, ultimately benefiting our clients with projects that are delivered in a timely and cost-effective manner.



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